Differences between Saddam Hussein and Mohandus Gandhi Essay

Differences between Saddam Hussein and Mohandus Gandhi Essay

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Saddam Hussein and Mohandus Gandhi

Saddam Hussein, the vicious dictator of Iraq. It is surprising to find that he has things in common with one of the greatest makers of peace, Mohandus Gandhi. Though these two people are the complete opposite of one another, they share the one thing they hold most dear, their religion. Religion is a big part of a person, and is closely related with a persons character. Religion teaches people how to act in different situations, so it would be safe to conclude that all people in that religion hold the same beliefs. How then could these people act and think so differently? They are world leaders and determine war or peace. Their ability to lead depends on that persons character. Leadership is no good if people do not comply. Influences like Saddam Hussein and Gandhi lead only as well as their personal character permit them to.
In the case of Mohandus Gandhi, his personal character allowed him to be a great leader. People wanted to be lead by him even though Gandhi held no real political office. At the beginning of his crusade to free India, he made his intentions completely known to the public. Not all people believed in the non-violence that he preached. To change that, Gandhi risked his own life fasting for long periods of time until all fighting and bloodshed stopped. It is selfless acts such as these that rang out to the population. Soon his ideas changed the characters of people around the world. This all could not have been accomplish...

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