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Settlers of America discovered sturgeon to be the most prolific fish of the North American continent. In the beginning of 19th century, the United States was the major producer of caviar in the world and produced 90% of the world's caviar.
The American caviar industry got started when Henry Schacht, a German immigrant, opened a business catching sturgeon on the Delaware River. He treated his caviar with German salt and exported a great deal of it to Europe. At around the same time, sturgeon was fished from the Columbia River on the west coast.
At one time, caviar was so common in America. It was served in saloons to encourage thirsty drinkers. Hudson River sturgeons were so plentiful that the flesh was referred to as "Albany beef." A nickel could get you a serving of the best caviar available in New York, and many of the most lavish establishments, including the Waldorf Astoria, offered free-flowing caviar as an amuse-bouche opening to an elegant meal. Caviar was also a common food in California during the gold rush days.
Recently, the United States has made a strong comeback in caviar production.
The U.S. Goverment says that the roe of sturgeon may be called simply "Caviar," whereas the roe of other fish can be called "Caviar" only if the name of the fish comes first. The following is a descriptive list of caviars made from American fresh water fish:
American Sturgeon - Sturgeon resemble a prehistoric creature, but they are actually t...

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