Causes of Underage Drinking Essay

Causes of Underage Drinking Essay

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Causes of Underage Drinking

Today, many teenagers experience different things in the world. Whether it is their first date or first day in high school, teens are always eager to try something different or new. One of the things that teenagers try is drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, underage drinkers often abuse alcohol. In this paper, I will try to shed some light on some of the reasons why teenagers drink alcohol at such premature age.

The causes of underage drinking include peer pressure, family problems, low self-esteem, and of course curiosity. Must students who enter college in the United States are about eighteen years of age. They find a new kind of freedom on college campuses away from the supervisory eyes of their parents being away from home gives these students the freedom to make their own decisions regarding school, their finances, and their social lives. Some students feel that they finally can do what ever they want including drinking alcohol even though they perfectly know that the drinking age in many states, including Texas, is twenty-one. According to Dr. Richard Yoast, Ama’s director of the office alcohol and other drug abuse, says that 80 percent of students have consumed more than a few sips of alcohol by the time they finish high school. “Among youth 12 to 20, an estimated 10.1 million used alcohol,” he says. “Of these, 6.8million were binge drinkers and 2.1 millions were heavy drinkers.” Dr. Yoast continues to illustrate the seriousness of the ...

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