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Case Study Analysis

Chris Smith received a promotion to executive assistant to the chief executive officer at Faith Community Hospital. On Chris’s first day as executive assistant his boss, Pat, the CEO of Faith Community Hospital, meets with Chris to discuss, what the hospital does and some of the problems that the hospital is having. At the end of the meeting, Pat asks Chris to prepare a report that covers three areas: what is going on right now, what they can do about it, and what they should do about it.

In the beginning of the meeting, Pat gives Chris some background information on the hospital, Pat’s position, and the company’s mission statement. Pat is the CEO of the hospital and reports directly to the Board of Directors of the Faith Foundation, whose diversity provides many different ways of thinking and decision-making. Although the hospital has a mission statement it seems like very few people are following it now a days, everybody has interpreted the mission statement to suit his or her needs. This is where the problems begin to occur.

Faith Community is a non-profit organization designed to provide care to people from all lifestyles, but because of a growing number of problems, they have to re-evaluate how the actual running of the hospital and how the patients are being treated. With the diversity in thinking and decision-making, this is no easy task. Pat’s job is to figure out what is going wrong and how they can fix it and report these solutions to the Board of Directors.
The first problem that Faith Community Hospital faces is the treatment the patients are receiving or the lack of treatment they are receiving. Because Faith Community is a religious based hospital sometimes individual’s personal beliefs can get in the way. Some medical personnel are refusing to administer certain procedures due to their beliefs, while some patients refuse certain procedures because of their beliefs. Currently the hospital faces the chance of charges being pressed from Child Protective Services, who allege that the hospital failed to provide services to the child. Some of the orders are not being followed or are being ignored because of how certain staff members feel, as well as the family members.

The second problem that Faith Community Hospital faces is staff members providing free health care to people who cannot afford it without autho...

... middle of paper ...

...nce their balance and make monthly payments. By financing the balance the hospital can add on interest to the overall balance, which will help pay for the employees needed to create this kind of department. The final issue that needs to be discussed at this meeting is employing people from social services. By having these people onsite they can immediately help uninsured patients apply for Medicaid or Medicare. If the patients qualify than they are covered by the state, and the hospital will be reimbursed for the services that they provide which will help with the hospitals increasing premiums, by taking patients away from using the hospitals insurance.

Overall Faith Community Hospital is not in bad shape, a few minor problems need to be solved to get the hospital back on its feet and to help the hospital break even with their costs. By employing these special programs and revising the policies and procedures handbook, Faith Community Hospital can be providing quality health care to more people everyday and still afford to stay in business. These programs have worked well in other hospitals to offset the costs they incur and they can do the same for Faith Community Hospital.

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