Capital Punishment: Costs Of The Death Penalty Essay

Capital Punishment: Costs Of The Death Penalty Essay

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Capital Punishment: Costs of The Death Penalty

Let us suppose that killing as a form of punishment is a moral and
universally accepted practice. Would it then be acceptable to issue this
irreparable sanction to a select few while allowing others, equally accountable,
to avoid it? It is acceptable to our criminal justice system for it seems to be
standard operating procedure. Many embrace the death penalty based on the "eye
for an eye" concept. There is certainly some merit to this argument and it
seems quite fair and logical. Unfortunately our use of the death penalty is
neither fair nor logical. Our criminal justice system's "lip service" to the
age-old concept is an insulting disguise for such an obscurity of fairness and
logic. The death penalty is frivolous and discriminatory in its procedure
because of the unreasonable prices we pay to execute certain groups at much
higher rates than others.
We pay different prices for using a death penalty. Sadly, today more than
ever, the dollar seems to be the endlessly interchangeable standard of value.
We strive to make money, save money and when we spend money we do so with a
valued return in mind. Accordingly, a popular argument contends that we spend
too much money incarcerating prisoners for life. We probably do but the price
tag on issuing a death sentence according to a Florida study is $3.1 million
compared to $1 million for a life sentence; a 3100% difference (Walker 1994,
108). Imagine your death bein...

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