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Brian's Song

     This is a true story about how 2 men, Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers, completely different from each other from and inceperable bond. The 2 men are seperated by about everything that you can think of: they come from 2 different parys of the country, one is white, one is black, 1 liked to talk, the other was shy. Pretty much the only thing they had in common was that they both were competing for the same job.

     This book takes place in and around the Chicago area. Gale and Brian are both trying to get the spot as the Chicago Bears starting halfback. They both are rookies.

     The book begins on the training camp field of the Chicago Bears. Gale pulls up in a taxi. Brian immediately comes up to him and greets him. Brian tells Gale to go talk to Halas (Bears Head Coach). Brian also tells Gale that Halas is deaf in his left ear so stay on the right side when he is talking to him. Gale procceds to go to the coaches office. When Halal and Gale are speaking Gale keeps manuevering to get to the coaches right ear. Halas notices this akward behavior and askes him what he is doin. he alsmost tells his coach but he has realized he has gotten tricked. Next, the team is in the dining hall when Brian is volunteered by a coach to sing his almamaders (Wake Forest) fight song. This is how the books gets its title.

     I fast forward to after practice JC Caroline has to have a meeting with Gale. He notifies Gale the him and Brian will be rooming together. T...

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