breastfeed or bottle-feed? Essay

breastfeed or bottle-feed? Essay

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Is the mom going to breastfeed or bottle-feed?

I must tell you that breast milk is usually best for your baby.
-Each mother’s breast milk is made especially for their own newborn. It contains all the Vit., Min. & iron that your baby needs( where as bottle milk has as little as 5-10% of all vit., min., & iron that are used by your baby.) Breast milk also continues to chg. as your baby grows to meet the changing needs of your infant, no formula is capable of such a chg. Breast milk contains protecting agents to help insure your baby’s health, these agents (WBC’s and immunoglobins) help fight DZ and INF.

Advantages of Breastfeeding (Disadvantages to bottle feeding):

1)     promotes bonding between mom and infant, easily and quickly digested.
2)     Breastfed babies have fewer illnesses and faster recovery. The antibodies found in breast milk provide immunities that make it easier for a baby to fend off illnesses such as colds and ear infections. So not only do breastfed babies tend to get sick less often but when they do get sick, they get better faster then babies that are bottle fed. Pre-mature babies who get breast milk also have less GI problems
3)     Breast milk has long term health benefits for your baby. The positive effects of breastfeeding last well beyond babyhood. Studies show that babies breastfed for the first six months are 43% less likely to become obese as children, if breastfed for more then 1 year they are 72% less likely to be overweight. Breastfeed babies have a lower risk of HTN later in life, they also have a lower risk of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea later in life. Breastfeed babies also have an average of 8 to 10 IQ points higher then bottle-fed babies. Finally breastfed babies have a lower incidence of SID’s
4)     Breastfeeding helps to take the pounds off after pregnancy. Producing breast milk requires 500 calories a day
5)     Breastfeeding also helps benefit mom’s health. Some studies indicate that breastfeeding decreases or lowers a woman’s risk of pre-menopausal breast cancer. It also appears to protect against osteoporosis.
6)     Breast milk is inexpensive as opposed to bottle feeding which tends to run around $1400 to $1800 a year.
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...oiling, soaking in antibacterial solution (instructions are on the packet), or microwave bottle sterilizer. Store sterilized bottles in the refrigerator. Prepare the formula and shake thoroughly. Warm to room temp then give to baby
4)     Feeding the baby – Cuddles and comfort are as important for your baby as feeding is, bottle fed baby’s can bond too. Cradling your baby in your arms is the best position. Never feed the baby while he or she is laying down!

Problems while Breastfeeding:

1)     Sore nipples (usually during the first week) Check the latch on technique and position of the baby during feedings. You want to vary nursing positions. You can also use OTC lubricants or express a little milk or colostrum onto your nipples before and after nursing, gently pat dry (antibacterial qualities) In most cases sore or cracked nipples are no longer painful once good positioning and latch on are achieved.
2)     Breast engorgement usually occurs in 2-3 days but is usually temporary and last only 3-7 days. For treatment and prevention wear a comfortable bra to support your breasts (no under wire at this time)

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