Essay on Branding Strategies

Essay on Branding Strategies

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Branding Strategies:
From Creation to Extinction


I.     Introduction
II.     Choosing the Brand Name
A.     Take a Stand
B.     Narrow the Focus
C.     Beware of Brand Inflation
D.     Expand the Business
III.     Advertising the Brand Name
A.     Logo Sizes
B.     Attention Getting
1.     Research
2.     Mention the Product
3.     Show the Product
4.     Show the Name and Logo
5.     Call Attention to the Logo
6.     Headline Company Names
7.     Use Theme Lines
IV.     Brand-Building
A.     Build Brand without Mass Media
1.     Let Brand Strategy Drive the Business Strategy
2.     Clarify the Brand’s Identity
3.     Create Brand Visibility
4.     Involve the Customer
5.     Make it Happen
B.     Creative Brand Building
1.     “Give Away the Farm”
2.     Conduct “War” Using Public Relations
3.     Work the Web
4.     Make it Funny
C.     Extend the Brand Name Across More Product Lines
V.     Brand-Consumer Relationships
A.     Love and Passion
B.     Self Concept Connection
C.     Interdependence
D.     Commitment
E.     Intimacy
F.     Partner Quality
G.     Nostalgic Attachment
VI.     Routes to Brand Extinction
A.     Brands Must Satisfy Emotional Needs
B.     Brands Decline When Fads and Trends are the Only Focus
C.     Brands Fail When Emotional Need and Fads and Trends are not Satisfied
VI.  &n...

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...almost guaranteeing a long, prosperous product life cycle that is sure to stay fresh in everyone’s mind.

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