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Essay about Booker T. Washington

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Booker T. Washington “Up From Slavery'; inspired readers
across the nation. People of this time had realized that they could
no longer expect support from the federal government, in their
struggle for dignity and opportunity in the south, so many blacks
concluded that self-reliance, self-help, and racial solidarity were
their last best hopes. So, people saw Booker T. Washington as
their champion and adopted his autobiography, up from slavery.
     In Franklin County, Virginia Washington was given birth
too. He was raised as a slave until after the civil war when he and
his family were declared free. Washington does not no know
much about his family history other than his ancestors, form his
mothers side, suffered in the middle passage of the slave ship
while being conveyed from Africa to America.
     Washington and his family lived in a typical log cabin,
which was fourteen by sixteen feet square. The log cabin was not
only their living space, but also used as the kitchen for the
plantation. His life went fast and devoted all of his time into some
kind of labor each and everyday and no time for sports. After the
civil war was over, all blacks were free and they felt that they
should change their names and leave their plantations either for a
couple of days or weeks in order to really feel free.
     As Washington grew older he gets a job working at a
salt-furnace, working with his stepfather, he asked if he can go to
school, his stepfather said no that your responsibilities are here
now. Washington decided, that he would learn something anyway
and applied himself into mastering the blue-beck speller. This
wasn’t helping so he made arrangements for night school with a
teacher and felt that he learned more than any other kids. Then
Washington gets a job working at a coal mine, while working their
he hear good things about Hampton Normal and Agricultural
Institute. So he decides to keep working at the coal mine for a
couple of months until he finds a new opening and he then gets
hired working for Mrs. Ruffiner as a servant. He and she became
very close friends who could trust each other.
     Washington saves up some money and decides he wants to
try to get into Hampton Institute so he leaves for it. When he gets
their the teacher gave h...

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...ugh allot of harsh times. They where deprived of all
their rights as citizens. They could eat in the same place as a
white person, I think this would be very hard. Also they could not
sit in front of the bus, the first lady who tried to sit in front of the
bus was Rosa Parks and she was arrested. Booker T. Washington
made a big step when he got enrolled at Hamilton Institution. The
African American community was very delighted and happy to see
some one from their race going to college. They all helped him
and supported him in any way they could, some even gave him
money. I think Booker T. Washington was a role model for all the
people in this nation and not just the African Americans.
     Reading this book helped me realize how hard it was for the
African Americans and what they went through. It also gave me a
better understanding of what they had to do in order to get their
freedom. I also now know what the time was like after the African
Americans where given their freedom. I strongly recommend for
any one who does not understand what the African American
Society went through after their freedom, they should read this
book “up from slavery.';

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