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Black Supremacy Essay

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Black Supremacy

     Throughout history, white anglo-saxons have been notorious for
mistreating all races other than it's own. Malcolm X felt "the white man had
been actually nothing but a piratical opportunist who used Faustian machinations
to make his own Christianity his initial wedge in criminal conquests"(563). The
earth is burdened by the white man! That is the true meaning of what Malcolm X
is stating; the words Faustian machinations, meaning evil plotting, implies the
whole white population is out for the blood of other races. Many members of the
black race are adopting the idea of Afrocentricity; some call it black pride, I
call it black supremacy. Afrocentricists are supporting their ideas with
religion and the need for liberation.
     The liberation of the black man is needed! Molefi Asante describes "the
Afrocentric awareness [as] the total commitment to African liberation anywhere
any everywhere by a consistent determined effort to repair any psychic, economic,
physical, or cultural damage done to Africans"(50). Liberation from what...the
white race? Molefi's statement is completely ludicrous; the first copy of his
book with this statement was printed in 1988, in my opinion blacks were fairly
liberated in 1988. Now the second part of his statement, repair what damage?
Any psychic damage which has been thrust upon the black race has not occurred
for quite some time: slavery...not in my lifetime nor separate bathrooms were
in my lifetime. And I am not about to feel sorry about what happened before my
time. Economic damage is not the white man's fault either. In this day anyone
can do whatever he/she likes. The truth to the economic matter is that many of
the "oppressed" races feel they now deserve a free ride. Absolutely no physical
damage has occurred in my lifetime. As for as cultural damage, cultures evolve,
they do not get damaged. Clearly all liberation of the black man has already
occurred, therefore, there is know further need for reimbursement.
     The white race is evil! Further, the Afrocentric cause attempts to use
religion to denounce the white race as heathens; according the Yakub myth, "the
colour the primal colour; other colours, consequently, are merely
shades of black, except for white, which is the absence...

... middle of paper ...

...d are calling it liberation. No, the human race will
never learn from history; we will just repeat it. The main question is will
their ever be racial harmony in the world? I just don't know.

          "We shall have our manhood. We shall have it or the earth will
be leveled
          by our attempts to gain it."

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