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Imagine this: you step outside and feel the barren, rough, red Earth beneath your feet. There’s not a single plant in sight—no rustling of the leaves, no mighty towering trees to block the severe winds, and the scorching heat of the sun searing upon your face because there’s no shade. And when you take a whiff of air, you feel nothing filling up the space inside your lungs, liberating your body’s activities. What’s wrong with this picture? It’s not possible, of course. Even though plants aren’t the building blocks of life, they’re pretty close and without them, most of life wouldn’t exist—YOU wouldn’t exist. In my research, I will go in-depth about biodiversity—which defines as a quantity of the relative diversity among organisms present in various ecosystems (WordIQ). My research will focus mainly on the importance of plants/concern over plant extinction, rare, threatened, and endangered species, ways to prevent this from happening around our area, among other things.

Why plants are essential to biomass/distress over plant extinction

     As you may already know, plants are essential to the biomass through a list of numerous reasons. Plants provide for many important aspects of life, such as oxygen, food, medicines, beauty and tranquility. So what’s the agony over just a couple of vanished plant species? Research shows that if plant species continue to decline in major ecosystems, it could lead to the sixth mass extinction on planet Earth.

     According to experiments and statistics conducted by scientists, 28 percent of plants have decreased over the last 20 years. These results were supported by extensive destitution of habitats affected by human activities (Ananthaswamy, 2004). Each year, an estimated 17,000 to 100,000 species perish from our planet (World IQ, 2004).

Reasons for US-wise status of rare, threatened, and endangered species and process of listing

     Some reasons for these “rare, threatened, and endangered” plant types are caused by nitrogen pollution. Based on recent studies experimented by some UK colleagues of the Open University in Milton Keynes, they found the soil/plant richness of high nitrogen-pollution concentrated areas was much lower than that of low-pollution concentrated areas. These results were drawn from samples taken from 68 different grassland sites. The number of species in each site ...

... middle of paper ...

... even to provide shelter, shade, and clothes for us, among other things. Without them, we wouldn’t be here. They give so much for us, yet we give very little back to them. So if you have a bit of time on your hands someday, go out and plant a tree or do something that’ll give back to the ecosystem!

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