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Being Good Essay

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I Introduction
     A definition
     B people's impression
          1 formal impression
          2 common impression
     C thesis

II History of Etiquette
     A old British style
     B Post family
          1 original
          2 extended
     C how rules have changed from old style / new ones not used

III Kinds of Etiquette
     A common sense aspect
     B formal aspects
          1 social
          2 business
IV How and when it is used
     A when the right time is
     B what situations require a change
          1 indicators
          2 parallel good

V Personal view
     A what things are really important
     B why etiquette is relative
          1 right to some / wrong to others
          2 some expect more than others
          3 situations can be perceived different ways

VI Conclusion
     A re-discussion of why it is relative (from intro. & part V)
     B usefulness of defined rules
          1 narrow situations
          2 good common ones
     C re-statement / support from paper

Websters Ninth collegiate dictionary defines etiquette as “The conduct or procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be observed in social or official life.” What this tells us is that those who are bred well, and feel that others are,...

... middle of paper ...

...ile I have had no trouble finding rules to govern any conceivable aspect of life, many such rules seem useless in everyday life. Things such as “please” and “thank-you” are much more pertinent to social success than knowing how to address an unmarried host with two children. It’s rules like these that many etiquette experts harp on, when often, the simple courtesies are over-looked . Another problematic loophole in the ways of personal conduct is that what may seem acceptable to one person would not to another. Everyone has different expectations of people, and it is difficult to know how to compose oneself in unfamiliar company.


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