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Being a Mortician

     The word mortician brings what images to mind? The career of a
mortician is surprisingly different than it is portraied in movies and books.
Being a mortician is a very rewarding job both personal as well as psychological
to those with the temperament, training and discipline required to do the job
properly. In this paper I'll be reporting the requirements to become a
mortician, also called funeral director or undertaker, the duties the job
requires of you, and the outlook of this career in the future of the United
     To become a funeral director in the United States today isn't an easy
task. You need to be twenty-one, a high school graduate with some undergraduate
college work, as well as at least one year of professional training in mortuary
science, and completion of an apprenticeship. "Upon completing a state board
licensing exam, new funeral directors are qualified to join the staff of a
funeral home. In many states successful completion of a national examination
given by the National Conference of Examining boards will qualify you for
licensure"(IRN 10). In different states the undergraduate college credit varies
considerably, one-third of the states require one year; another third wants
two years; and the other third requires three years of credit(IRN 9). A
concentration of courses is also required in some of the states. You may need
to take 15 credits in natural science, 13 in social sciences, 13 in business, 14
in chemistry(IRN 10). In addition to your college work, you will need at least
50 credit hours of professional work in mortuary science. "There are about 40
schools of mortuary science officially recognized by the U.S. Department of
Education today"(Shipley 220). The curriculum generally consists of courses in:

"Embalming, Restorative Art, Chemistry, Microbiology, Pathology, Anatomy, Small
Business Management, Funeral Home management, Merchandising, Accounting, Funeral
Home Law, Computers, History and sociology of Funeral Service, Psychology of
Grief, Grief Counseling, oral and Written Communication, Funeral Service Law,
Business Law, and Ethics"(IRN 11).

Along with educational requirements you need to look at the personal
requirements it takes to be a funeral director. You have to be on call 24-hours
a day 7 days a week, deat...

... middle of paper ...

... no
background in the profession(CGP 3). The field is highly secure and recession
proof. Chances are that if you are temperamentally matched to the requirements
of the work and like your job, you will have few worries about security. Most
funeral directors stay with their employers for many years and there is
relatively little turnover in the field(IRN 12). The earnings as a funeral
director greatly depends on the area of the country in which you are employed,
the size of the funeral home at which you work and the number of cases handled.
Also, your salary will depend upon whether your community in unionized or
not(generally union contracts call for higher salaries and more generous
benefits)(IRN 20). Average salaries, including bonuses, for owner-managers are
about $60,000 annually. Midlevel managers averaged $40,000. Embalmers earn
average salaries of $30,000 and apprentices average $20,000(IRN 21).
     In conclusion, the career as a mortician is very emotionally and
physically challenging, but is a very secure future. Chances are if you set out
to be a mortician and make it through the schooling you will find a secure job
someplace and be set for life.

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