Basketball Needs To Be Fixed Essay

Basketball Needs To Be Fixed Essay

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Basketball Needs to Be Fixed

     Professional and college basketball have become very popular in the
hearts and minds of many Americans. Millions of dollars a year are spent on
apparel, tickets, and television all generated by people's love for basketball.
But in the last couple of years, both the National Basketball Association (NBA)
and college basketball have lost a substantial amount of their competition and
have caught much criticizim for it. At the heart of this problem is a single
cause, greed. The game of basketball has become all about money instead of the
game and its fans. This problem needs to be addressed, and the best place to
start is with the college players, or more specifically, the NBA draft. The
rules and guidelines that pertain to the draft are greatly at fault for the down
slide of both college and NBA basketball and they need to be changed before the
game down slides into nothing.
     The changes that need to be made are simple, underclassmen should not be
eligible for the NBA draft; or in other words, if you have years of eligibility
left, you should not be eligible to be drafted by an NBA team. What problems
would this solve? The answer is most problems in basketball today.
     First, college basketball has paid greatly by losing its most talented
players to the NBA as many as three years early. This has resulted in not only
an overall lessening of the game, but in certain circumstances caused the
downfall of once great basketball programs. This is how it happens, colleges
recruit players based on what their needs are or what they will need shortly in
the future. So let us say that one school has a great core of sophomore and
junior players for an upcoming season. The coaches do not have the need or the
room for many new top notch players. So all of the top recruits find other
schools to go to. Then, let us say that the great core of players leaves for
the NBA, leaving the team with mediocre players and a horrible season to look
forward to. By the next recruiting period comes around, the school's reputation
has been hurt, and so has their chances of landing the top recruits. This
continues until the school's once proud basketball tradition is a thing of the
past. This situation is not only hypothetical, schools like UNLV, Georgetown,
Seton Hall, and Hous...

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...ard spiral. That is how players' salaries have rose to absurd limits. No
one noticed the problem while it was happening, but now that it is a problem
there is no real way to fix it. In 1996, a rookie salary cap was put into
effect by the NBA to put a limit on beginning salaries, so some measures are
being taken. This is a start, but it is not the answer to the problem. If
underclassmen were not allowed to come out early, high rookie salaries would not
have to be as high, and the players would probably be more accepting of less
money than most rookies are getting now, and this would help solve the all-
around money problem in the NBA.
     Both the NBA and college basketball seem to be in a rut. And as stated
before, they reason is the underclassmen leaving school early to make money in
the NBA. So what's the solution? Easy, do not let the college players enter
the NBA draft early. It would benefit everyone in the future. Of course there
would be a transitional period, but the losses would be short and the effects of
the change would be evident very quickly. Let the game be played the way it was
meant to be played, for the competition and not for the money.

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