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Essay about art history

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Studio Art Notebook
(Instruction Manual)


General Instructions
1.     Separate sections in notebook or separate notebook for studio art
2.     Pencil and eraser every day
3.     Proper Clothes

Labeling- Bottom right side of mounting paper in black marker unless otherwise instructed print
Studio Art____
Single Line- Lines that show shape and detail

Outline- Lines that show the outside shape only

Studio Art 9/20/01
“Similar Forms”

1.     Choose two objects that have similar form (shape). One must be from nature and the other manifested
2.      Draw them on newsprint, in single-line and have them approved
3.      Combine the two outlines (overlay them) to make a third, new shape like an abstract. IT should not save the design of either original object.
4.      Cut oak tag 10x16 and put your name on it.
5.     Draw all 3 objects in single-line, same size, evenly spaced on the oak tag.
6.      Paint using neatness, clean up is very important!!!!
7.      Mount with a 1” border and label properly, use elmers glue.
** Color of mounting paper should be a color from your picture that you want to enhance.**

Studio Art 9/7/01
“Nature to Contrast”

1.     Cut paper 7x9 rectangles
2.     Divide paper into three 7x9 rectangles using pencil and ruler.
3.     Draw object from nature. Fill up the space, but do not touch edges.
4.     Pick a smaller area of the object included in stop #4 and enlarge it enough as that it is so that it is unrecognizable, fill the space completely.
5.      Mount using construction paper with a 1.5 border using rubber cement
6.     Label Properly
Abstract- a piece of artwork who’s content depends solomey on it unrealalitic form.

Studio art 10-1-01
“Card overlay”

1.     Design playing cards with an original theme on newsprint. A) Decide a theme b) list 4 related symbols c) create an fa...

... middle of paper ...

...bsp;  Bibliography
g)     Neat, complete presentation of folder on the day of test.

“Nature to Abstract”

1.     Cut paper 9x21
2.     Divide paper into three 7x0 rectangles using pencil and ruler
3.     Draw objects from Nature, fill up the space, but do not let it touch the edges
4.     Pack an area of the object and enlarge it. Fill the space up completely
5.     Pick a smaller area of the object included in step 4 and enlarge it enough so that is unrecognizable. Fill the space up completely
6.     Mount using construction paper with a 1.5 boarder using rubber cement
7.     Label properly

Abstract- A piece of artwork that’s content depends solely on its intrinsic form (shapes, shading, texture and value)

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