Essay on Appreciation of Art and Science

Essay on Appreciation of Art and Science

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Appreciation of Art and Science

One needs both art and science to be fulfilled. If we see a play the lighting is manipulated and the props are measured and cut to a certain size. In music there is rhythm and time. In architecture there is measurement and surveying. If art is focused upon more than science or science is focused upon more than art there will not be an equal balance of appreciation between the two fields. There is no art without science. There is no song without pitch and tone and volume. There is no theater without costumes and measurements and carefully designed sets. Art and science should be equally appreciated because each has a great deal to offer.

Music is both an artistic and a scientific form. It is enjoyable, relaxing, and entertaining to sit in a concert hall and hear the rich sounds of an orchestra or a beautiful operatic aria. However, there is a great amount of work that must be done before the operatic singer can stand on a stage and open her mouth to sing in front of an audience. She must learn how to sing her notes on time. This is called rhythm. Rhythm in music involves a steady process of counting and playing or singing when appropriate. There are many "rests" involved where performers must wait and let other instrumentalists or singers perform their part. This organization is what makes up the harmony and beauty we hear today in music. An operatic singer must also learn pitch. This is the art of singing high or low. There is an Italia...

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