Apollo vs. The Palette of Narmer Essay

Apollo vs. The Palette of Narmer Essay

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The two works of art that have been chosen to compare and contrast are The Palette Of Narmer and Apollo of Veii. The Palette Of Narmer dates back to the Hierakonpolis Dynasty 1 in 3100 BCE. The Palette of Narmer is interesting because it is the oldest historic work of art that names a person, and is the earliest piece of art that uses hieroglyph. This artwork depicts the dawn of a new age of man and his use of writing and pictographs in art. The statue of Apollo, from Veii comes from the Etruscan art period Apollo was created around 500 BCE. It was created by a very popular sculpture of his time, by the name of Vulca. The delicate technique of firing clay is fascinating. A sculptor of Vulca’s ability was required to know how to construct a large figure so that it did not fall under it’s own weight. He had to know how to precisely regulate the temperature of a kiln large enough to fit a statue of almost 6 ft tall, for a long period of time. The fact that to this day, Vulca is the only Etruscan Sculpture whose works of art have survived the test of time, show his genius in his creations.

The Palette Of Narmer is made of mudstone, which is a kind of shale. It is a flat stone with circular depressions on it. Palettes were common utensil of the time. It is believed that this flat stone was used for grinding eye paint. This eye paint was used for both men and women to prevent eye infections and possibly also used to reduce the glare of the bright desert sun. The Palette Of Narmer...

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