Essay on Annotated Argument-The Belle Curve

Essay on Annotated Argument-The Belle Curve

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      The Bell Curve

Chapter 1 – “Cognitive Class and Education, 1900-1990

1)     It is not just the case that more people are going to college, but that the brighter
students are the ones attending.
2)     Admission became more related to I.Q. than in the past.
3)     There is a small part of the population that are expected to fill positions of
power, yet they cannot relate to the majority of the population.

Chapter 2 – “Cognitive Partitioning By Occupation

1)     The correlation between I.Q. and job status is high.
2)     Family members typically resemble each other in job status.
3)     Biology is more of a predictor of I.Q. than education or SES.

Chapter 3 – “The Economic Pressure to Partition”

1) IQ reflects a person’s education, and the skills and knowledge that that
person contributes to a work place (productivity).     
2)     IQ is strongly correlated with job status because we live in a world of artificial credentials.
3)     Sheer intellectual horsepower, when independent of education, has marketing value. Meaning that people with college degrees tend to be smarter than those without degrees, making those with one more valuable and marketable.

Chapter 4 – “Steeper Ladders, Narrower Gates”/ “Cognitive Classes and Social Behavior”

1)     Money made in high IQ occupations is pulled away from money made in low
IQ occupations, and education levels cannot explain all of the change.
2) The authors imply that these differences in intelligence are a result of genetics,
not education; IQ is hereditary.
3) A person with a college degree would make more money than a person with
just experience.
4)     IQ makes the difference in wages.

Chapter 5 – “Poverty”

1)     Low IQ is a stronger precursor to predicting poverty than is socioeconomic
2)     Low IQ, or the absence of a BA would almost always result in poverty.

Chapter 6 – “Schooling”

1)     IQ outweighs socioeconomic status and environmental background.
2)     Educatio...

... middle of paper ..., which is pretty broad. Therefore most researchers just go with saying that it is around the 50% range. Profile differences show that there are no overall differences in I.Q. If it were environmental, the impact would be broader and more consistent with no profile differences. However, this is not the case, the profile differences are consistent regardless of environment (the differences are still there). The sub scores differences exist across socioeconomic status and I.Q. scales in both the high and low ends of the scale. This suggests differences are more genetic than environment. A younger sibling with a better environment will have a better I.Q. than an older sibling with a poorer environment.
The Flynn effect suggests that the rising test scores over the past 25 years or so, have to do with the raising of the lower half end of the distribution. The bottom line is that this subject is a hot topic in society, and this chapter does not take a strong stance in one direction or another. However, it does support the idea that all scientists believe that genetics do play some role in a person’s I.Q., they just do not know how much.


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