Essay about The American Dream Defined by Various Authors

Essay about The American Dream Defined by Various Authors

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More than half a century ago people from countries all over the world came to America. America at this time was the greatest place to be. You could restart your life, or as it was described as the land of opportunity. This was a place where you were judged by not who your father was, but what you make of your self. Most came for a better life, while some came for political reasons. The older immigrants came from Europe and the newer ones came from Asia. Half of the immigrants settled in cities across the country.
Many authors wrote about the American dream describing the struggles that many people suffered during this experience, authors also wrote about the differences of the American Dream. As one author Carl Sandburg describes how a city acts in this country, and how the immigrants working conditions were in his poem “Chicago.” He describes the city as “Hog Butcher of the World, Tool Maker, Stacker of Wheat,” which explains the power of the city. “Under the terrible burden of destiny laughing as a young man laughs,” He describes how the city goes through terrible situations it will always prevail as the power of the world. Giving many jobs, supplying the country with goods, and trading goods throughout the world. Carl Sandburg believes that the American Dream is to work hard to be the best no matter what. How Chicago can be as powerful as any other in the world a leader so to speak.
F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote a novel called the “Great Gatsby,” in this novel he wrote abou...

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