Essay on African and African American according to Achebe and Douglass

Essay on African and African American according to Achebe and Douglass

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African and African American according to Achebe and Douglass    

     Throughout the years, the image of the African American culture has been portrayed in in a negative light. Many people look to African, and African American literature to gain knowledge about the African American culture. The true culture and image often goes unseen, or is tarnished because writers who have no true insight or experience, have proceeded to write about things in which they are uneducated.. For years the world has seen writers attempt to taint and damage the image of the African American. Through strength and determination, several African American writers have been able to portray the true image and struggle of the Negro through various writings and narratives. This has helped give a factual insight about the African and the African American. Three particular authors helped give detailed insight about the African and The African American. African American themes of tribal belief, slavery, and The black family were displayed in the works of Chinua Achebe, Fredrick Douglass, and Ann Petry.

     Although Achebe conveys many different themes in his writing Things Fall Apart Chinua Achebe expresses the importance of tribal beliefs in African Culture.
Things Fall Apart is a compelling inside view of tribal life in Africa. Through a knowledgeable narrative, Achebe illustrates culture rich in tradition. Achebe seems to wish to disprove a widespread stereotype that Africa had no culture.

Since Igbo people did not construct a rigid and closed system of thought to explain the religion man anyone seeking insight into their religion must seek it along their way. Achebe has explained the Igbo concept of “chi” in an essay being that each individual has a chi, a “spirit being” parallel to his physical being (Achebe 82).
     Although the Igbo religious may often times seem unclear. It was very evident that the religious authorities are well respected. Achebe work displays the value that the community has for the powers that be. Achebe also shows that Igbo religious authorities, such as the Oracle, seem to possess supernatural insights. He approaches the matter of Igbo religion with a sense of wonder (Draper 15).
     In keeping with the Ibo vision of female nature, the tribe allowed wife beating. The novel describes two instances when Okonkwo be...

... middle of paper ...

...n a time like this when all things seem to be going wrong. The Jones family, must come together and prove their strength by Keeping hope alive that Their son is alive and well (Petry 361).

     All in all, The Jones family must stick together in order to survive as a family. With trouble facing their way and things falling apart right before their eyes they must not only stick together but stay strong for those who are too weak to deal with the ups and downs that society has set forth for the Black family (Davis 23).If the family begins to fall apart so will everything else.

     In conclusion, Many Books have been written about many African American culture, it’s history and, It’s lifestyle. And although America has continued to feed into what we think is the truth few have really shown the hard work, and efforts as African Americans. Few authors have actually pinpointed the true meaning of the rich culture that we see today. Three particular authors helped give detailed insight about the African and The African American. African American themes of tribal belief, slavery, and The black family were displayed in the works of Chinua Achebe, Fredrick Douglass, and Ann Petry.

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