Essay on Affirmitive Action is Great

Essay on Affirmitive Action is Great

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1)     Introduction

2)     Public Support

3)     White’s lose out?

4)     Advancement

5)     Discrimination

6)     Self-Esteem

7)     Social Engineering

8)     Equal Opportunities

9)     Progress

10)     Color Blind

11)     Preferential Selection

12)     Conclusion

13)     Bibliography


Affirmative action is one of the most widely debated social policies ever brought about by the American government. The biggest problems facing affirmative action and its constituents are the attitudes of its opposition. These attitudes come from a long history of racism that has been passed on from generation to generation. They also stem from lack of education and lack of understanding of the way affirmative action effects the people involved emotionally, financially, and in status. Affirmative action is a policy implemented in order to artificially install equality between white males and minorities over time. Affirmative action cannot be expected to cure the problems of inequality in a matter of years, it will take decades to fix these deep-rooted problems of society. It is a necessary, yet imperfect remedy for an intractable social disease. The case against affirmative action is a weak one, resting heavily on myth and misunderstanding. This report will outline many of the most popular myths in the case against affirmative action. The information in this report was derived from public opinion polls done by the government and private sources. The first myth is that the public does not support affirmative action anymore. Some believe that a large percentage of white workers will lose out if affirmative action stays in place. Another misunderstanding is that Jews and Asians shared the same hardships, and if they can advance rapidly, why can’t African Americans? Another misleading statement is that you can’t cure discrimination with discrimination. Some think that affirmative action tends to destroy the self-esteem of women and African Americans. Some people think that affirmative a...

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