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Reliable Broadcasting in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks


In a mobile ad-hoc network, providing a reliable broadcast is one of the most important requirements. In broadcasting, a source node sends a message to all the other nodes in the network. Broadcasting operation is expected to be executed more frequently in mobile ad-hoc networks MANETs. So the number of retransmissions in the broadcast has to be minimized. The reliable broadcast service ensures that all the hosts in the network deliver the same set of messages to the upper layer. The protocols that are used in wired networks are unsuitable for deployment on MANETs, as these do not take into account the node mobility, network load and congestion. There have been a lot of protocols which are proposed for reliable broadcasting in MANETs. A straight forward way is by Simple Flooding [1, 2] which is very costly and very inefficient. The other protocols are Probability based methods [3], Area Based Methods [3] and Neighbor Knowledge Methods [4, 5, 6 and 7]. Also, efficiency and reliability conflict with each other. Hence it is hard to achieve both at a time with just one scheme. This paper will aim at proposing improvements for reliable broadcasting in MANETs.


The drastic improvements in the wireless communications and portable wireless devices have made mobile computing a reality. Recently, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) has attracted a lot of attention and research. MANETs are made of a group of independent mobile hosts which communicate with each other. A mobile host may not be able to communicate directly with all the other hosts. So, the packets traverse various intermediate nodes before reaching the destination. All the nodes in the network assist in routing. The ad-hoc networks are created dynamically on the fly. The hosts are allowed to move around in the network. Routing protocols in ad-hoc networks should provide means to deliver packets to destination nodes given these dynamic topologies.

Applications of MANETs occur in battle-fields, major disaster and some business environments where networks need to be deployed immediately without any base stations or fixed networks.

Broadcasting is process by which a source node sends a message to all the other nodes in the entire network. Broadcasting operation is expected to be exe...

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