Essay on Addicted To Love

Essay on Addicted To Love

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Addicted to Love
In Gottfried Von Strassburg’s retelling of the ancient romance, Tristan, love’s portrayal as a psychological disease is considerable. For Rivalin and Blancheflor, Tristan and Isolde, and also King Mark, the affliction causes them to act in a way that they would normally shun. Love changes the perspective on life of those who become intoxicated by its power; whether it’s shared as a couple or entirely unreciprocated, the lust to attain and secure its presence is consuming.
Love’s torment of Tristan and Isolde is a sweet torment that “noble lovers” endure. Grieves are shared, blessings are doubled, and embraces are electrifying on both the physical and emotional levels. One sided love is a hell like no other. Here, passions of the heart will override the sensibilities of the mind. This agony filled state is where Mark’s resides. This theme of unreturned love is as relevant today as it is in Gottfried’s time. Mark’s perception of the world, mentally and even at times physically, is greatly skewed by love’s drunken haze. Broken on the wheel of love, Mark’s heart is tortured until he confesses that Isolde is unfaithful; then just as cruel, he is fooled into believing she is his. This repeated scenario of torture is by far the highest tragedy in the romance. The climax of the abuse is when Mark questions his own senses after the discovery of the couple copulating in the garden. Blinded by the violent inebriation of amour, he disavows empirical proof of Isolde’s betrayal. While through the omnipotent narration the reader sees that Isolde never loves Mark, the king is nevertheless betrayed. First of course, he betrays himself. All indication points to the affair. His heart is not a friend at this point for Mark. Isolde’s betrayal goes beyond betrayal of the state; the real issue is that of betraying the heart. It is only through this betrayal that love is able to rape Mark’s psyche. Coupled with the fact that his dearest friend and confidant, Tristan, is embroiled in this nightmare; Mark is to be pitied greatly. Gottfried has Mark suffer the three greatest betrayals a person can encounter: his own, that of his lover’s and that of his friend’s. The love Mark has for both Isolde and Tristan only work against him; for had he been free of love’s grip, he would have trusted his senses and his intuitions.
Although void of all supernatural occurrences, ...

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...tan is not immune to such a change either. Interestingly, the only time he really is able to overcome love’s enslaving bonds is during the return trip to Tintagel. Here loyalty and honor win out over love’s might. This inconsistency is an odd departure from Gottfried’s theme of love’s overwhelming capacity. However, love’s reign quickly returns, and proves to be the tragic flaw of the otherwise perfect Tristan. A man who treats loyalty, honor, and chivalric codes as a religious-like ethics, has no trouble betraying not only his uncle and his friend, but his king. Gottfried is emphasizing the corruptive nature that love has over the individual. When in love, the infected wretch changes their entire perspective on life; their goals, their ethics; having all other personal desires subordinated to the intense passion to keep love’s fire raging.
Once drunk with love, the victim is likely to assume traits foreign to their character. No matter if its a sip from the chalice or a long draught from the jug, the connoisseur will risk life and limb to maintain the high. In Gottfried’s version of Tristan, love’s potency renders much pain and heartache to those who choose to pick up the habit.

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