Whether Abortion is Good or Bad for Our Society Essay

Whether Abortion is Good or Bad for Our Society Essay

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Whether Abortion is Good or Bad for Our Society

Abortion. Abortion is when a pregnancy is terminated. This could happen naturally or on purpose. Natural abortions are caused for a variety of reasons, some in which the fetus does not develop normally, or if the mother has an injury or disorder that would prevent the birth of the child. Most people refer to the naturally occurring abortions as miscarriages. Other abortions are purposely committed to prevent the birth of a child. These abortions are done because the pregnancy is not wanted, or the pregnancy will endanger the woman’s health. Abortions are now easier, less dangerous, and simpler than they once were. Abortion is one of the key topics in United States courtrooms; the United States Congress is constantly working on making laws regarding abortion every day. There are many ethical and social issues regarding abortion.

There are several different techniques to perform abortions. One, which is the Menstrual Extraction, Vacuum Aspiration, Dilatation and Evacuation, and many more. Some methods contain a higher risk of cancer, or one method is has a longer impact on the woman. There are different techniques; some are instrumental, surgical, or medical. The most common technique is the Vacuum Aspiration; this is a less complicated procedure. Different methods are for different reasons. A woman might have to go with one method because she is 20 weeks into her pregnancy, versus a woman who is 3 weeks into her pregnancy. The earlier you perform the abortion, the options you have when it comes to the procedure.

The vacuum aspiration technique is by far the most popular technique used today. Almost 97% of women seeking abortions use this technique. The abortion can be performed up to 14 weeks LMP. The vacuum aspiration was first used in Communist China around 1958. However, the United States did not adopt the method until 1967. This technique replaced the older Dilatation and Sharp Curettage, which was more dangerous. There are several advantages to Dilatation and Curettage, although the vacuum aspiration is technically better, this method requires less time than the others. There is also more complete removal of the tissue; there is also less blood loss. There are fewer major complications, and the method is adaptable to the local anesthesia.

There is another technique called...

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...a, headaches, weakness, and fatigue. These side effects are similar to pregnancy, “morning sickness” (Francke, 39). About close to 80% of women experience cramps and abdominal pain, like a very heavy menstrual period. One third of women will experience severe vomiting or diarrhea, close enough that they may need immediate medical attention. Some women experience vaginal bleeding and spotting. In some cases, vacuum aspiration may be needed to stop the bleeding. It is unbelievable, four out of one hundred cases the abortion is unsuccessful. If the abortion is unsuccessful the women must have vacuum aspiration.

You may ask yourself, is abortion moral or immoral, is it politically correct, is it legal? The answer to that is in the process of being solved. Day by day politicians and the United States congress are debating that same question. Do you really want to kill thousands of fetuses each year? Those fetuses would soon turn into little babies, whom would turn into kids, and those kids will soon turn into the future of the United States, those adults will then be the leaders of America. Abortion remains and will always be one of the topics discussed in the U.S. courtrooms.

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