Essay on A women with fighting words

Essay on A women with fighting words

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A Woman with Fighting Words
     Our government is based on the idea of natural rights for every citizen; every citizen means all citizens. It does say “all men are created equal”, this mean men and women. Susan B. Anthony was a woman of great courage and dedication. She exemplified these characteristics through out her life. She tears and pulls apart the Declaration of Independence, preamble of the Constitution, sex qualifications, and women’s equal rights. She describes in clear detail her position on women’s rights. She was the first women in our history to take a stand for women’s rights.
      Anthony had many political and socially defiant views. Her argument was strong and forceful. Her most powerful speech described the sexually discriminate laws put forth by our government. She started talking about our government and she ends by talking about the last two presidential elections. She picks apart the oldest laws that formed our government and makes them look and sound inconsiderate of all citizens. In the Declaration of Independence she focuses on the words “All men are created equal”. Her argument to those words is that women are deprived of their divine right to a voice in the government. She said that by not letting women vote, they have no way of voicing their opinion. Anthony asked how a government can give natural and equal rights to every citizen when they enforce taxation without representation. She claims th...

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