Essay about A Dolls House: Nora Perceived By Other Characters

Essay about A Dolls House: Nora Perceived By Other Characters

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A Doll's House: Nora Perceived by Other Characters

In the Victorian age many woman were thought of as mere objects. Most
woman has no real social status and were not allowed to express themselves
freely. A Doll's House, a play by Henrik Ibsen, has brought controversy to the
conclusion in which Nora leaves her family. Nora perceived in many different
ways is the catalyst that forces Nora to leave her family. Many people had
found it difficult to understand how Nora could dessert her husband and children.
In the Victorian Age it was not only unheard of to walk out on your loved ones
but unethical as well. There are many incidents that inch by inch helps Nora
come to the conclusion that she must leave her home and family. As Nora states "
My first duty is to myself" (Ibsen 68 ). Her husband, Torvald, treats Nora more
as a possession then an equal partner. He uses, manipulates and molds her to
fit perfectly into his facade. Krogstad, a morally diseased man who works for
Torvald, also uses Nora to gain a higher position at work. He believes herto be
an easy target for blackmail. Nora's best childhood friend, Christine Linde,
helps her realize that a woman can think, act and live independently for herself.
As Nora realizes that she must find her true self, the ways in which Krogstad,
Christine and Torvald perceive her dramatically change.
Christine Linde, a woman who has had to live independently since her
husband died, suddenly comes back to visit Nora and finds Nora has not changed
from her childish ways in high school. Nora for an instant does not recognize
her old friend because of the time that has passed since the last time she saw
her. Christine tells Nora of her husband's passing and how he did not leave her
any money or "even any sorrow or grief to live upon" (Ibsen 6). She tells Nora
how she had to marry him because of her ailing mother and two younger brothers.
She needed someone who could take care of her and her family financially. Now
she is on her own and looking for a job to support herself. Nora expresses her
sympathies and promptly brags about Torvald's promotion at the bank. She is so
excited at the importance of his job and more importantly the money that will
begin to start pouring in. Nora thinks it will be wonderful not having to worry
about money and being able to shop at any time for a...

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...ther, thus ironically pushing her toward
finding new ways to relate to society. When moments he later
receives Krogstad's second letter and restores her to her
status as delicate possession she recognizes the he is once again
trying to cut off her change to grow and become involved in the
world (Hornby 100).

In effect Torvald alienates Nora into leaving her home and her family.
The ways in which Torvald, Christine and Krogstad perceive her all had a
direct effect on Nora's leaving Torvald. Christine at first thought Nora to be
childish but then realizes it was just an act she played to fit in Torvald's
facade. She learns that even though Nora always had someone to take care of her
she has had to struggle internally with who she really is and how she acts.
Krogstad along with Torvald both use and manipulate Nora for their own
advantages. Both cared nothing about her thoughts or feelings. Throughout the
play Nora begins to realize that she no longer wants to play Torvald's role
anymore. Torvald's failure to take the blame on himself is when Nora finally
realizes she must find herself because she can not continue to live in the
facade world that Torvald put her in.

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