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3 branches of government Essay

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Democracy is a Greek word meaning “rule by the people.” The idea of a democratic government began in Greece in 700 B.C, about twenty-five hundred years ago. Rome was so large that not everyone could play a role in government so the Roman citizens elected representatives to speak and act for them. This form of government was called a republic. The United States has a representative form of government. The representatives make laws and rules for the country. The government should be rated at an 8 because it has some flaws but it is still decent.
     There are three branches of government in the United States representative democracy. The legislative branch, makes the laws for the country and creates agencies and programs. The judicial branch makes the laws and determines if the acts of congress are constitutional or unconstitutional. The executive branch carries out the laws making it the most important branch of the United States government.
The Judicial Branch in the United States, unlike most national Judicial systems, yields great political power and must be counted as part of the American Political system. Someone or some group must go to the court first; the court does not take the initiative.
The Judicial Branch is a system of courts that manage court cases at all levels including federal, state, and local. Federal cases have a higher penalty under conviction. Judges of Federal court cases are both strict and just. If found guilty in a federal court one must face sentencing to a variety of punishments. Punishments include the death penalty and prison sentencing.
“The Judiciary is the safeguard of our liberty and of our property under the constitution”. This quote is a good description of the judicial branch and courts. The Judiciary is a safeguard of our liberty because it governs the court system, which keeps society in line.
     The goal of the Judicial branch is to hold people accountable for crimes and keep justice in the land. This goal is being reached for the most part. Those who commit crimes are brought to trial. The court system is responsible for many duties of justice. Courts make the world a safer place.
     The Judicial Branch is made up of 3 types of courts: The Supreme Court, U.S. court of appeals and district courts consist of nine justices, are appointed...

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