Designers, unlike artists, can’t follow their creative impulses, they Essay

Designers, unlike artists, can’t follow their creative impulses, they Essay

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Designers, unlike artists, can’t follow their creative impulses, they
work in a commercial environment, which means there are a huge number
of considerations influencing the design process”

The work of a fashion designer is influenced by the demands of the
industry in which they work, which has both positive and negative
influences on the creative process. This essay looks at some of the
key parameters that the fashion designer must work within, and the
effect that these factors have on the creative process and the
finished product.

One key factor that affects the work of a designer is an element over
which the individual had a certain degree of control: The company that
they choose to work for. There is a vast spectrum of elements that
vary from company to company and have on a knock on effect on what is
expected of the designer; from company practices, culture, values and
policies to the public perception of the company to the size and
resources available within a given business. Ipsuis are a small
British company that design and manufacture casual wear, and provide
an example of how company policy effects design. The company was set
up with the aim of producing a completely fairly traded product. In
addition to ensuring that all labourers are fairly paid, Ipsuis will
only use fairly traded fabrics which means a far more limited choice
for the designer and considerably longer lead times for a new fabric.
Designers in the upper end of the market, rely on their design team to
produce work that is in keeping with the image they have worked hard
to create. From a designer’s perspective it is beneficial to be able
to move between different companies- giving the opportunity to find a
business that supports a designers vision.

The next thing to consider after which company a designer works for is
their competition, both internal and external. Fashion design is a
highly competitive job market. Designers are often given temporary
contracts and only have a short time to prove themselves before their
employer looks elsewhere. This, coupled with a high rate of redundancy
due to the volatile nature of the market means that designers are
under constant pressure to be at the forefront of their industry. The
advantage of working in this competitive environment is that it spurs
the designer on to achieve their best and results in hi...

... middle of paper ...

...osts, so that is Tesco that
benefits from increased profits. In this scenario, the designer does
not see any benefit from the change to the law.

Ultimately, the situation highlighted above leads onto the single most
important factor that drives the fashion industry and therefore what
is expected of a designer: Profit. It considered acceptable by critics
that the work of the artist often has a limited appeal. A designer
work must have a certain amount of mass appeal in order for the
garments to sell well and make a profit. All the other considerations
looked at in this essay in some way tie in to the issue of profit and
the best way in which to maximise this. This inevitably puts the
designer under certain pressures, which to varying extents limits
their creativity. However this is a small price to pay for working in
a commercial environment that gives designers a platform to get their
ideas off paper and into the shops, that allows the designer freedom
to concentrate on their work whilst other business related
considerations are taken care of by others and most importantly allows
the designer to make a living out of the very thing they are most
passionate about.

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