Packaging for the new product Essay

Packaging for the new product Essay

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Packaging for the new product

Packaging is vital, as goods need to be transported to the consumer in
a safe, hygienic and protected condition. For instance putting tin
foil round a kitkat, nestle product, keeps the bar fresh and prevents
deterioration, instant coffee tends to be sold in jars to prevent
spillage and because glass is a strong material, Nescafe Espresso
roast is sold with ‘click lock closure’, which makes the jar easy to
open. Additional packaging may be needed to assist retailers store the
products easily and safety on the shelves. Packaging is essential to
inform the customer about the contents, ingredients, weight, care
instructions, etc. Some of which are legal requirements. Good
packaging is an important part of the product.

The basic function of packaging has always been to protect and contain
a product. In a competitive market, branding and packaging are
important and have become an integral part of the product. We
instantly recognise products by the size, shape and colour of
packaging. Packaging may be used by the manufactures to promote the
goods, as the colour, design or lettering may make the product more
attractive and noticeable to certain consumer on the shelf. Packaging
is not just a safety attribute, different features are added to
packaging to attract different segments, for example a children’s
crisp might have colourful cartoons, entries to competitions or even a
mini game on back of the packet. These types of product...

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