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Senses Lesson Plan Essay

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Senses Lesson Plan

TOPIC: The Five Senses



 The students will understand the concept of the five senses that humans have. These five senses are touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing. These senses make it possible for people to interact with others and get around in their daily lives.

 The learner will identify and observe the objects in mystery boxes by using touch only.

 The learner will identify and observe what various pieces of food are by using taste only.

 The learner will identify his or her surroundings, after being blindfolded and walked around the classroom.

 The learner will identify and observe the various smells of each object by using smell only.

 The learner will identify and observe various sounds made by the teacher using hearing only.

Process Skills:

 Communication- The learner will communicate with a partner his or her observations about each of the five sense activities.

 Prediction- Students will predict what is in the box by using their five senses.

 Students will enjoy the challenge of solving the puzzle of what is in the box, and learning about the five senses.


 #1, Students will use scientific inquiry to pose questions as to what is in the mystery box and seek answers using their five senses.
 #4, Students will understand and apply scientific concepts about the senses pertaining to the physical setting and living environment through the realization that they use their senses in almost everything that they do.


Mystery boxes objects in mystery boxes lemons oranges apples blindfolds cherry lotion peach gel grape soap heartbeat sound box maracas worksheet on observations


At the beginning of the session, the students will sit quietly in their desks, and they are asked to count to 10 and then start over. The students with the same number will form a group, mostly of two (about ten groups), and wait for further instructions from the teacher. Each group will pull away from the others and take turns coming up to the front station where the materials are set up. The groups will be competing to correctly guess what are in the boxes and what noises they hear (and the winners get can...

... middle of paper ...

...2. Taste
3. Sight
4. Smell
5. Hearing (done as a class)

Observations for the Five Senses

Name:_______________ Date: _____________________

Directions: List three observations for each of the five senses. Try to remember what we did in each activity.





















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