Dickens' A Christmas Carol and the Industrial Revolution Essay

Dickens' A Christmas Carol and the Industrial Revolution Essay

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Dickens' A Christmas Carol and the Industrial Revolution      


Besides being the secular story of Christmas time in an

urban setting, A Christmas Carol, tells the sacred story of

Christmas as well. With A Christmas Carol, Dickens initiated an

ongoing creative process in the Anglo-American imagination. As a

result of the Industrial Revolution and the growth and

development of cities people's lives changed drastically as they

moved from the life and traditions of the country into those of the

city. As industrialization continued, for many people in the city

living and working conditions worsened. As reports of horrible

working conditions increased so did the literature of social

concern for reform.. Prior to the publication of A Christmas Carol

the ideas and concerns of various reform bills sparked increased

debate over political and social issues.  Whether or not Dickens

had A Christmas Carol specifically in mind, it is clear that the

Industrial Revolution was an important factor in making his

Christmas story a tale for the times.

         Dickens was concerned about the working and living

conditions during the Industrial Revolution, when the book was

written.  These are reflected in Ebenezer Scrooge.  He is the

shown as the mean and hateful owner,  who could care less if his

workers are well because he could always get more people.  He

knew this because during the Industrial Revolution there were

more people than there were jobs, so people had to settle for

worse conditions because that was all there was.  When two men

some into his shop wan...

... middle of paper ...

...ooge indeed changes his ways he can in a sense "spoonge

away the writing on the stone" and begin a new life. It is

significant that Scrooge promises that "the Spirits of all Three

shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they

teach". This statement is indicative of several Christian statements

of faith promising to live and follow the teachings of the "Three"

God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit.

         When we first met Scrooge, we are informed, and also

observe that he is cold, miserly, and bitter.  However, after the

visit of the Ghost of Christmas future,  Scrooge changes into a

generous and cheerful man.  It is clear that something must have

caused a man who is really nice, turn into a mean and nasty

person, in this case it was the Industrial Revolution.

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