Is artificial intelligence possible? Essay

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Is artificial intelligence possible?


In the science fiction film, The Terminator directed by James Cameron,
the computers in the movie "get smart" and rise up against their human
masters. In other words, the computers in the movie were able to
become independent of their programmers and developed a kind of
artificial intelligence (A.I.). This essay will prove that in real
life, computers will never realize artificial intelligence, and also
even though functionalism is based on an analogy between humans and
computers, it is an effective way to describe the interaction between
the mind and body. Two essays will be evaluated in this essay. The
first essay was called; "Can Computers Think?" by John Searle which
rejects the theory of A.I. The second essay was called; "Escaping from
the Chinese Room" by Margret Boden, which supports A.I.

A functionalist view of the mind is one that draws an analogy between
the functioning of the human brain and the functioning of the digital
computer. The strongest view says that the mind and the brain are just
digital computers. This is called strong A.I., which is a term coined
by John Searle.

American Hilary Putnam was one of the first to make the analogy
between the brain and the computer Putnam said it made no more sense
to compare the mind and the brain then to compare the software with
the hardware of a computer. He also made the point that psychologists
were like programmers and electrical engineers were like physicians.
Putnam also made the point not to take the analogy too far. There are
important differences between computers and humans. One of the
differences Putnam felt was that "…all humans were able to learn from
their experience and so change their own program but few computers
could do that unaided" Hilary Putnam also argued against identifying
psychological events with neurophysiologic events, and even against
the attempt to do so. He felt mapping the brain to the mind was a
waste of time.

Jerry Fodor was another well known functionalist. Fodor, like Putnam
felt that functionalism alleviated many of the problems associated
with other mind body theories. These other mind body theories included
Cartesian Dualism, materialism, behaviorism and the identity theory.
Cartesian Dualism is the theory that that the mind and the brain are
two separate things...

... middle of paper ...

... as these are products of people
not brains." She tries to demonstrate that the robot and the human
brain are the same, in that they are both made up of small very stupid
parts which build into a collective brain that is capable of

"The fact that a certain light sensitive cell can respond to intensity
gradients and that one neuron can inhibit the firing of another"

Problem with this explanation is that now instead of input from a
keyboard, the robot now receives its information from its sensors. The
input will still be processed programming in the CPU of the robot.

Boden did not disprove Searle's point that the syntax of a program is
not sufficient for understanding of a digital computer system. Boden
could not show that non-biological entity did have understanding, but
she did show that Searle's argument on this point was a little weak
because it relied on in tuition. The functionalism theory was shown to
be an attractive theory a long as it was not taken too literally.
Consequently it was shown in this essay that due to syntactical nature
of computer programs and the computers lack of causal powers needed
for a machine to have mental states.

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