Alka Seltzer Dissolving at Different Temperatures Essay example

Alka Seltzer Dissolving at Different Temperatures Essay example

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Alka Seltzer Dissolving at Different Temperatures

The variable that I will change will be the temperature of the water
that the Alka Seltzer is put in.

For my results I will measure the time taken for the Alka seltzer
tablet to completely dissolve in water at different temperatures.

Input variables:

* Varying surface area of Alka-Seltzer tablet, i.e. if cut into
smaller pieces or crushed it will increase the surface area. (If
the surface area is increased (more powdered) the rate of reaction
also increases. This means that there are more collisions between
the solid and liquid.)

* Amount of tap water H2O used, i.e. volume (ml).

* Amount of Alka-Seltzer tablets used, i.e. quantity of tablets.
(one is used)

* Number of times the solution is stirred. (If the solution is
stirred more there are more collisions between the particles
therefore the reaction is speeded up.)

* Temperature of Water-°C. (As the temperature increases so does the
rate of reaction. By increasing the temperature, particles move
faster, i.e. they have more energy. So, they collide with more
energy and more frequently.)

* pH of Solution: Water has pH of 7 at 25°C. As the pH decreases,
i.e as the solution increases in acidity, the rate of the reaction
increases as well.

Output Variables:

Rate of reaction depends on all the 6 points I have stated above:

* If the surface area of the tablets is increased by crushing, the
particles around it in the solution will have more area to work
on, and the rates of reactions will increase because there will be
more collisions. Complete reaction will finish faster.

* The more amount of water used as we increase the temperature, the
quicker the tablets will dissolve because there will be more water
particles to collide with. So the rate increases.

* If the amount of tablets being used is increased for the same
amount of water, i.e as concentration increases, rate will
increase as well because there will be more collisions between

* If the water with Alka-Seltzer tablets are stirred during the
reaction, then the rates of reactions will increase because the
particles will be forced to make contact with each others and
react much quicker, rather than take their time to make contact,
and therefor...

... middle of paper ...

... water bath could have been used, because I could set it
to my required temperature. Also it would mean that the solution
inside it would reach the exact temperature or close to It., and not
increase or decrease once the water inside it has reached

It was also very difficult for me to observe exactly when the
Alka-Seltzer tablets had totally dissolved and consistently decide
this for every result obtained. This was probably the main factor that
would have decreased the accuracy of my readings. To avoid this
happening I would have needed to use specialized piece of equipment
which would tell me exactly when the tablet was dissolved

Overall, I can come to firm conclusion from my results that support my
prediction and background knowledge that: As the temperature
increases, less time will be required for a reaction to take place
i.e. the rate of reaction increases.

To improve the experiment overall I could use distilled water to avoid
inaccuracies related to the hardness of tap water. I believe I should
get a straight line curve.

Another improvement I could have made is to increase the range of the
temperatures investigated. (10°C to 100°C).

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