Proposal for Pine Valley Furniture Ecommerce Webstore Essay

Proposal for Pine Valley Furniture Ecommerce Webstore Essay

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Proposal for Pine Valley Furniture Ecommerce Webstore

Now is the time to implement an Ecommerce webstore, and Eysie and Sehr
Management Information System Consultants are the people who can make
it happen. In an effort to maintain a competitive advantage Pine
Valley Furniture needs to implement an ecommerce webstore. Making
this transition and developing a webstore illustrates Pine Valley
Furniture's commitment to change with the times and will prevent the
loss of market share by competition. Trying to justify why Pine
Valley Furniture needs to develop a webstore is futile, the reality is
that developing a web-store for Pine Valley Furniture is a matter of
survival. This proposal is a guideline and a road map in making Pine
Valley Furniture a competitive webstore.

First off, we need to focus on what our business objectives are and
who our target audience is. As a corporation, our business objectives
are to increase revenues for the shareholders while expanding our
growth and lowering our costs. Market research has indicated that the
areas of Corporate Furniture, Home Office Furniture, and Student
Furniture have vast growth potential if properly managed on a
webstore. If we are to create a webstore based fundamentally on
pushing these three lines, we need to characterize what type of people
will be buying these items. Corporate Furniture has a broader
potentiality of selling in larger bulk quantities, while Student and
Corporate Furniture will focus more on customization and

Now that we had identified what it is that we want to sell on our
webstore and who it is that we want to sell it to, we can now choose
what type of hardware and software we will need. In order for our
system to be operating at maximum efficiency, Eysie and Sehr
Management Information System Consultants recommend a three tiered
system because of existing system compatibilities. Tier one will
consist of a web server layer, this layer will handle incoming
internet requests, load balance requests, display html pages, route
web requests to application server, and assemble data from an
application server into web pages for clients. (George, 259)

The second tier is the application server layer, this layer will
authenticate users, process transactions, retrieve and send data to
web server, and retrieve and send data to existing appli...

... middle of paper ...

...dware is located off site, application is developed
professionally and managed off site, and thus provides excellent
emergency response. Some disadvantages of this option would be that
it is inflexible, difficult to integrate with existing systems, and
the resources are shared with other clients. (George, 258)

The second option is to enterprise a resource planning system. The
advantages of this would be stability and available documentation.
Disadvantages of this option would be that it requires internal
development, and would render documentation crucial during planning
and development. (George, 258)

The last thing that we need to address is how essential the commitment
to this transition is. If this is going to be a successful
transformation, the entire organization must exhibit unilateral
support from the CEO throughout the entire organization.

In conclusion, Eysie and Sehr Management Information System
Consultants are willing to implement this ecommerce system for Pine
Valley Furniture and are eager to do so as soon as possible.

Works Cited:

George, Hoffer, Valacich. Essentials of Systems Analysis and Design.
2nd edition, India. 2002 p. 149-258.

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