Essay on Impact of Social Media on Communication

Essay on Impact of Social Media on Communication

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“We’ve come along way Baby” seems to be a cliché that fits well concerning how far we
have come in a relatively short period in regard to computers, the technology surrounding them
and how they are used for communication. It took around one hundred years to get from the
telegraph to the telephone. It was less than 50 years later that the first computer was being
programmed for use. Computers evolved over the next 75 years to become a key component in
how we communicate to others and to the world at large. The new computerized communication
tools that are used today are known as “social media” and have many benefits as well as

So, what is social media exactly? Joanne S. Black, a professional speaker and founder of
the company No More Cold Calling, likes this definition: “Social media is a group of online
technologies and practices that human beings use to share opinions, insights, experiences and
perspectives with one another.” (Black) Face-to face communication was the main tool used for
many years for providing an avenue for people to share what was on their minds. We see the
main tool moving more toward social media with each new generation.

Individuals use this relatively new form of communication to stay in touch with larger
audiences than the telephone or even e-mail allow. Pictures are taken on a smart phone and
instantly downloaded to a Facebook page where multiple friends can view and comment on the
photos. Someone ...

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