Essay about Developing a Strategic Plan - City Kebab

Essay about Developing a Strategic Plan - City Kebab

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Developing a Strategic Plan - City Kebab

Please tick the appropriate box:

1. Would you say that there enough Kebab shops in the area of

Yes No Maybe don’t know

2. When you shop at City Kebab shop what would wish to find in the

Chicken Lamb Fries Other

3. What kind of it food and drink would you like buying?

Meat Soft drinks Vegetarian food other

4. What kind of sweet food would you prefer buying?

Baklava chocolate éclair other

5. What is the most important element for you buying at City kebab?

Price Quality Make Other

6. How much would you be willing to spend when buying at the city

£1-5 £6-10 £11-15 Other

7. If you do not live in Stratford would you be willing to travel and
buy from city kebab?

Yes No maybe other

8. What country of products would you wish to buy?

English Turkish French Other

9. How often would you shop at the City kebab?

Daily Weekly Monthly Other

Thank you for you support. I would wish you seeing in the City kebab.

Question analysis

Q1. Would you say that there are enough kebab shops in the area of

I have decided to ask this question to find out whether there are
enough kebab shops in the local area. I would expect the answer to be
no according to my research. In my investigation it shows me that
there are not a lot of kebab shops in the area, which would mean that
I would have a good chance of selling kebabs in the local area.

Q2. When you shop at City kebab shop what would you wish to find?

I have asked this question to find out what people would like to buy
and find in the shop, which would make the customers more interested.
This would also give me a clear idea what to offer to attract
customers. At the start of the business I am expecting less customers
at the beginning of the business because people would not have an idea
yet, this would mean I would need to advertise the businesses to grow.
For the answer I would expect that all of them to be answered a lot
because that is what people would buy in the further.

Q3. What kind of food and drink would you like buying?

I have asked this question to find out what customers would like to
buy, which would give a clear idea what to sell and what not to sell.
I am hoping of gaining an advantage of the products that the local
area does not sell. This question would show ...

... middle of paper ...

... would have
City kebab written on them and the shop telephone number. This would
make the customers more attractive to the shop. The members of staff
would sometimes go in conversation with the customers such as talking
about football, which would make them happy. I would provide daily
newspapers for customers to read while waiting for there food. This is
because it would take their time rather than the customer sitting and
waiting for food, which he would get bored.

As I said I would provide free gifts to customers who buy expensive
food such as more than £25.00 would get two extra pita breads, humus
and Tamara salad. According to my investigation there are students
from Rokeby School, which are near Stratford center. This is very
useful to me because I would put special deals such as buy kebab and
get a soft drink, this would make the students happy and they would
tell there friends which could raise the business.

The way that I would be advertising my business is that I would order
leaflets to be given out to all the areas such as Stratford, east ham,
forest gate and also Becton. I would provide free delivery for towns
except Stratford, which I think, would attract customers.

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