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HNC Managing People Assignment

Responsible for:

· Recruitment, selection, training, and development of all staff.

· The Management and Leadership of a team of 5 people.

· The overall training budget of the Company.

· Company Legislation appertaining to HR. Management and Employee

Duties include:

· To produce accurate conditions of service contracts and process
instructions for all aspects of salary payments for employee starters
and leavers.

· To issue accurate pay instructions to organisational pay services,
ensuring information is received and processed, chasing queries as and
when necessary.

· To liaise with pay services on discrepancies, etc and inform members
of staff of responses, ensuring all issues are dealt with in a timely

· To distribute pay slips to all employees on payroll.

· To monitor and accurately maintain sick leave records for all staff,
liaising with managers and the welfare service where appropriate.

· To update and maintain the computerised Personnel system, ensuring
data is accurate at all times.

· To administer the recruitment process in an efficient and effective
manner ensuring timescales and procedures are adhered to.

· To act as an usher and provide assistance at interviews, selection
tests and other assessments when required.

· To act as HR representative on recruitment boards, as and when

· To provide ‘first day’ induction to new employees in line with
corporate policy.

· To administer the flexible working scheme for staff.

· To request references, health clearance, and security clearance for
potential employees.

· To fulfil the requirements of equal opportunities policy and
procedures and implement equality principles and practices within the
context of the job.

The successful candidate must be able to prioritise work and meet
deadlines, communicate effectively and have attention to detail. It
essential that the successful candidate has intermediate to advanced
MS Office skills and, ideally you will have a personnel qualification
or be willing to study for the Certificate in Personnel Practice.

Task 2 Interviews

Interviews are a good way of the interviewer and interviewee of
getting to known more information about the job and suitability of
each other for the job, it is seen to be a...

... middle of paper ...

* Define the priority of each job responsibility and goal.
* Define performance standards for key components of the job.
* Hold discussions and provide feedback about employee performance,
* Maintain a record of performance.
* Provide the opportunity for broader feedback. Use a 360-degree
performance feedback system that incorporates feedback from the
employee's peers, customers, and people who may report to them
* Develop and administer a coaching and improvement plan if the
employee is not meeting expectations.

Task 7 - Delegation

Before delegating your workload you must identify a suitable person
for the task. Prepare the person. Explain the task clearly. Make sure
that you are understood. Make sure the person has the necessary
authority to do the job properly. State reasons as to why the job
needs delegating and when it needs to be done by.

After the work has been delegated you should keep in touch with the
person for support and monitoring progress. . Accept alternative
approaches if they are necessary and Praise / Acknowledge a job well
done. You should give the individual feedback on how they are doing
and deal with any issues that do

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