The Effectiveness of Selection Interviews Essay

The Effectiveness of Selection Interviews Essay

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The Effectiveness of Selection Interviews

Evaluate the relative effectiveness of selection interviews as an
indicator of likely candidate suitability in the case of a selected
business, making recommendations for improvements in procedure.


The interview is the final stage of the Recruitment and Selection
process. Candidates can be classified as the applicants for a vacancy
that they have seen advertised. The chosen business for this question
is M&S. It is here at this stage, the M&S employee (who is the
candidate) and the employer are generally in the meeting situation. An
interview is a form of test or assessment. However, it is also
clarified as a formal discussion, especially one in which an employee
assess, n applicant for a job.

Interviews are always conducted and arranged for all sorts of other
jobs, particularly retailing jobs such as M&S.At times the employer
has the process of going through letters, CVs, application forms, and
examination of references, which will mean that only a few number of
applicants are more unlikely to be interviewed for the job. This is
because interviews take up time of senior managers who have to carry
them out, and this will be also costly for the business. Apart firm
this, there are however good and bad statements to be made on
selection interviews. Depending on the attitudes and relationships
between the interviewee and the interviewer, there can be good and bad
turnouts that could effect M&S.

The process of selection interviewing

Almost every employer includes a face-to-face interview as part of the
selection process. The initial selection interview might be delegated
to a recruitment agency or a local job center, but most employers
would be more reluctant to take on new employees without having met
them in person. The interview, however, continues to be the most
popular and frequently used method of selection, even though it is
thought that research studies have found interviews to be poor
predictors of future performance in a job. This is referred to as low
validity. The poor validity of interviews means that they don not test
what they intend to test. For example inside at M&S, it would mean the
ability to do well. The reasons for this mainly lie with interviewer
concerns number of interviewer errors contribute to the low validity
of interviews, and awareness of th...

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...le when assessing
intelligence, interest in the job applied for, motivation and
personality. The producers of such tests have stated that they are
accurate and completely unbiased. They are supposed to be particularly
good at assessment of personality. For example, they can show if a
candidate would work well in a team or would be more effective working
alone. The following of theses tests are of the following:

· performance tests
· knowledge tests
· aptitude tests
· intelligence tests
· personality tests

Assessment centers tests

Job applications are subjected to a wide range of assessments over a
whole day or two. They are required to participate in group exercises,
psychometric tests, aptitude tests and traditional interviews. By
using a mixture of assessment this process is claimed to produce more
accurate result. the applicants are given longer to prove themselves
and there fore become more relaxed and more nataul.however recent
development now mean that these assessment centre exercises can be
videoed and then sent to a team of independent experts to be properly
analysed.this insures that the candidates have their performance
assessed objectively.

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