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Mandarin Oriental Hotel Case Study Essay

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The company

Established in Hong Kong in 1963, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is and
international hotel investment and management group operating ten
hotels in the Asia-Pacific region. The company manages each of these
hotels and has significant ownership interests in all but Mandarin
Oriental, San Francisco and the Phuket Yacht Club Hotel and Beach
Resort, Thailand.

Mandarin Oriental’s overall corporate quality goal is to achieve a
level of excellence that sets the group apart from all of its
competitors in the eyes of customers, investors and staff. In order to
achieve this level of excellence it strives for total customer
satisfaction in its service delivery, and to consistently be a leader
in the industry in terms of profitability and the creation of a
rewarding working environment for all of its staff.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel has, from its creation, received
recognition for providing a level of products and services of the
highest quality. While traditions of consistent quality service
delivery are practiced at each of the hotels, the challenge to the
Group is to develop an ongoing corporate culture of quality service
drawing upon the strengths of each individual hotel.

At the beginning of 1993, the company introduced a new Group Mission
Statement that has been rolled out to every member of staff through
personal presentations by the Managing Director at every hotel and
corporate office. This Mission Statement has been published in
English, Chinese, Thai and Indonesian, and serves as a model in that
it conveys guidelines and criteria that can be used by hoteliers who
wish to monitor and evaluate their own leadership and quality
improvement efforts.

Mission Statement

The company

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is a leader in the hotel industry,
owning and operation some of the world’s finest de luxe and first
class hotels.

The mission

Their mission is to completely delight and satisfy our guests. They
are committed to making a difference every day; continually getting
better to keep us the best.

The guiding principles

Delighting their guests

They will strive to understand our client and guest needs by listening
to their requirements and responding in a competent, accurate and
timely fashion. They will design and deliver our services and products
to address their needs. In fact, the MOG a...

... middle of paper ...

...he same as those employed to build their business, they are tied
to each other.

They are currently developing a Group-wide Guest History network
whereby the “history” of a customer of any one hotel can be accessed
by any other hotel so that preferences are immediately responded to
even if it is the customer’s first use of a new hotel. When this is in
place, a customer of Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong who prefers a
particular type of beverage will find it waiting for him upon arrival
at The Oriental, Bangkok.

They follow up their customers with a personalized written response to
every comment card or letter received and recently have begun
telephoning customers for follow up. In every case they strive to let
the customers know that they appreciate their comments; that their
experiences are important to them; that they want to address the
specific instance generating the comment; that they want them to be
satisfied and, finally, if appropriate, they explain the change that
will be made in their processes to assure achievement of better
customer satisfaction in the future.

(Go, F.M and Pine, R.(1995). Globalization Strategy in the Hotel
Industry. Routledge)

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