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Essay on Mass Media

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Mass Media

Have you ever had an original thought? Why do we dress the way we do, watch what we watch or even live the way we do. Through our means of entertainment, it is almost a guide in how one should live their life. With the technology we have in our world we are persuaded to believe what is right and what is wrong. Although we create our own world, our thoughts were imposed upon us since the day we are born. “What if the world is some kind of show. What if we are only talents assembled by the Great Talent Scout Up Above! The Great Show of Life! Starring Everybody! Suppose entertainment is the Purpose of Life,” says Gabler. We wake up in the morning where most of us have a daily routine we go through. Why do we put on makeup in the morning, why do we shave our body, these are questions that can be argued until the end of time. We see images on television and we will do anything to look like that certain someone. It is obvious that our influence on one another is key to our evolution and survival. However, in our society our influences on one have gone beyond ideas needed for simple living. Instead of merely helping us to live more efficient and healthy lives, the media almost makes our decisions for us about our own personal preferences. Although it is good that we have such a variety of choices, some of the ideals in our culture are pressed upon us so heavily and our sometimes even demanded of us that they could leave us with no choice at all. Seeing how there is so much social control within the media, we are as Gabler states, “Performing artists for a grand, on-going show-a show that was, often far more richer, more complex and more compelling than anything conceived for the most conventional media. In short, life was becoming a movie.”

Three areas that I have chosen to research on are as follows: magazines, television sitcoms/motion pictures, and advertising. These topics are very well known and used in our society. We read and watch television practically everyday of our lives. However they are specific areas that have taken over our society.

American magazines started in 1941 and were provided for a means for political disgression. In the 1800s, magazines grew by targeting women. In Seventeen or Cosmopology, it gives women tips on fashion, what you should wear on a first date, and how to cheat on your boyfriend. Women rea...

... middle of paper ... says, ”Who wants to live everyday when we don’t know what is going on? When people are manipulating you, telling you to buy this perfume, with this pair of jeans you will be sexy-and you believe them! It’s such nonsense.” It is used to make us think that the value of our person hood is measured by the quality of our possessions. It shapes and surrounds our culture and is a driving force that makes the business world go round. Not only does advertising use resources previously listed but it also utilizes advanced technologies such as computer imagery, mass publication and cable television.

In conclusion, mediums inform us, mis-lead us, disturb us, entertain us, and above all else mold us into the people we are expected to be by the standards of our society’s norm. Although we do live our lives through all of these mediums, what would our world be with out them? Epstein says, “Both film and television and magazines and advertising have considerable verbal elements: nonetheless, each imposes special rhetorical considerations because of the peculiarity of the nonverbal medium.” We should live our lives to the fullest and the way we believe in “our worlds” to be lived.

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