Essay on Managment Skills

Essay on Managment Skills

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Managment Skills

1. The “classical” management theory leans toward the administrative, bureaucratic and scientific approaches to management. The “behavioral” theory emphasizes employee needs and their motivation. The ”behavioral” approach is best suited for media management because the employees play a huge role in the business. The employees could include actors or radio personalities that draw huge interest and revenue based on their talent. It is very important to keep these people happy and motivated because so much is depending on their performances.

2. The four factors influencing programming on all stations are the audience, the broadcaster, the advertiser, and the regulator. The audience listens to a station for the particular programs, and it’s important to keep them interested and listening because listeners generate advertisers, which generates revenue. The broadcasters are important because he/she selects the programming and is in charge of targeting an audience. The advertiser plays an important role because this person pays for airtime to promote a particular product. If there is a strong audience then you will always find advertisers who are willing to pay for spots to get their product advertised. The regulator is in charge of making sure the station is running in a way that serves the public interest.

3. The format is the most important part in radio, television and the Internet. The format determines who listens, watches and views your station or website. There are a lot of factors in determining a format for radio. The market size, community location, competition, audience, technical equipment and finances. This is important because the owner must try to reach a certain demographic and hope his format appeals to the masses.
In television the format must be versatile because the demographics change multiple times during the day. Television is also competing against more stations and with cable and satellite. The programmer also must decide which syndicated, local and national shows to carry each and every day. The strength and weakness of other stations, audience flow, available audience, audience interest, advertisers, budget, program inventory and local capabilities are the factors that will determine the program scheduling for television. The Internet has a simple approach because it does not depend on advertisers as much and...

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...llege as a gift for a tax write off. I would broadcast my station on the Internet so people across the country or world can log in to hear the stations. I would target a certain demographic for each different station. The country western stations demographics are evident. The classical station will appeal towards an older crowd, while the sports station could reach a broad range of age groups and financial backgrounds. I would have young new school hip personalities for the young sports fans. Then I would have an older personality for the die hard old school fan.

4) My philosophy on human resources would be straight forward and to the point. There will be zero tolerance for sexual harassment and action will be taken if a case is brought to my attention. My main goal would be to keep my employees happy. I would beat out all my local competitors salaries and even let my employees form a union. If I treat them right and they really enjoy coming to work everyday the workers union should not be a factor in anything. I’d also make my workplace a mixing pot of races. But if the most qualified employees are Hispanic I would hire the people best suited for my company regardless of race.

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