Egon Schiele's Self-Portrait Essay

Egon Schiele's Self-Portrait Essay

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Egon Schiele's Self-Portrait

When I look at this portrait, the first thing that hits me is the way
the artist, Egon Schiele, appears to have made himself look animated,
like a cartoon. The way in which his right eye is rounded like a
cartoon character and his left eye is squinting and almost shut, adds
to the idea of a the portrait being a cartoon. The squinted left eye
is as if he is sneaking around and evaluating his surroundings. If you
cover the right side of the face (with the widely opened eye), it
makes you realise that the left side with the squinted eye does not
look very lifelike, but the two eyes seem to cancel each other out.
The over exaggerated wrinkles on Schiele’s face and neck make him look
a lot older than he actually is. He was actually only 20 years old
when he painted this portrait but the way in which he was exaggerated
the wrinkles makes him look around 40 years old. Schiele may have done
this to portray his feelings at the time he painted it; he may have
felt old and tired. But Schiele may also have been just experimenting
in different ways of painting facial features and expressions.

If you look at Schiele’s hands in the portrait, it looks as though
Schiele has deliberately elongated the fingers and made them thinner
and more withered. This again, makes you think that Schiele has
deliberately made himself look older and more animated. The clothes
that Schele is wearing in the portrait look to be too big and baggy
for him, and therefore seem also to ...

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