The Influence of The Impressionist Era Essays

The Influence of The Impressionist Era Essays

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The Influence of The Impressionist Era

Impressionism, one of the later eras in classical music composition.
An era where emotions are expressed vividly while still following
musical structure, where music caused much political controversy, and
where France became known for its musical talent. In this essay you
will read of how impressionism set a lasting mark in musical and
national histories, and how it influenced modern music as we know it.

The Impressionist Era all started with Claude Debussy, being tired of
the formed classical structure, and the romantic informality. Of all
of the musicians who ever lived Debussy (1862-1918) was known for his
originality and adventurous style. His influences soon spread
throughout the Western world. He, before long, became a "superstar" in
Europe, North America, and Asiatemporarily breaking the public's
fascination with the monolithic composers of the classical and
romantic eras. Because of Debussy's moving compositions Impressionism
soon spread into churches, schools, ballrooms, along with respected
theatres and concert halls. Although Claude Debussy was an amazing
orchestral composer, his works seemed to agree most with the piano.
Today, one of the most known pieces of piano repertoire is the piano
suite, Claire de Lune. Many composers started to become inspired by
Debussy and thus The Impressionist Era was born. In the later years to
come Debussy would have never guessed his music would be so powerful
and destructive.

In 1876 unrest soon came to France, and ironically held in the middle
was Impressionism. Today many would compare this to the sixties where
more liberal habits cause social disturbance. Historians to this day
are still shocked with how such an uplifting, and positive movement
could cause so much strife. Riots and political vendetta soon aroused
France, causing unofficial anarchy in which the government was
powerless. This national misfortune was actually caused by feuding
between the Socialists and Democratics using impressionism as their
weapon of war. The Impressionist Era was said by political leaders to
be expressing an opinion in France's politics, and since most
impressionists were French this point had a strong siding. Composers
like Debussy, and Satie soon unwittingly became political figureheads.
The music definitely was moving for the French people, and...

... middle of paper ...

... theatre, band and pop music techniques
and styles which were founded during Impressionism are all employed.
Even while watching a movie the background music often contains
Impressionistic styling. A prime example is Celine Dion's once popular
song, My Heart Will Go On, this song contains almost every one of
Impressionism's musical characteristics. Throughout the song harmonic
chord progressions, a drifting melodic line, classical and romantic
technique and tone, irregular chromatic intervals, and whole-tone
scales are clearly defined in the instrumental scores. Also, many
other songs are laden with Impressionistic styles; including some rock
music. Another modern day artist is Elton John who constantly uses
themes from the Impressionist Era. The influence that Impressionism
has on modern day music is actually quite phenomenal, all you have to
do is listen closely and I guarantee that you will notice some

The Impressionistic revolution in music all started with one musician,
one composer, named Claude Debussy - who alone turned his mind's
sketches into another Era in musical history. Who knows, maybe you
will lead the way into the next musical era.

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