Salvador Dali's World in The Persistence of Memory Essay

Salvador Dali's World in The Persistence of Memory Essay

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Salvador Dali's World in The Persistence
of Memory

Swept up by the complexities and urgency of our modern world,
humankind has seemingly lost faith in such clichés as "good things
come to those who wait." Commercialism has contributed to this effect,
driving people to come out ahead in the rat race, and has concreted
the postulation that success can be measured in gold. However, the
simple, observant mind of an artist claims contrary: a higher level of
importance lies in placidity and complacency, rather than earnings. In
The Persistence of Memory, Salvador Dali illustrates a surreal
landscape that suggests peacefulness is to be cherished and time has
no relevance in an effort to reshape public mindset.

In the distance of The Persistence of Memory, a rocky waterfront is
exhibited. The cliffs are a depiction of Salvador's beloved Cape Creus
of Spain. There he often sat among the hills and soaked in the amazing
surroundings, searching for inspiration. One hot August day while he
ate his lunch, overlooking the water, he noticed that his Camembert
cheese became increasingly runny. Mesmerized by this sight, he became
compelled to incorporate the principle of the misshapen substance into
his paintings, thus creating the famous melting watches
( In tribute to the place that birthed such an idea,
he used Cape Creus as his backdrop because it was a definitive symbol
of his personal peacefulness. He claimed that while on the crag, time
slipped by as if it didn't ex...

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