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Windows NT

The history of Windows NT:

The history of Windows NT goes back to the early 80's, when
Microsoft was working on the original Windows system to run on top
of DOS. They joined forces with IBM in order to create a more
powerful DOS replacement that would run on the Intel x86 platform.
The resulting operating system was to be known as OS/2. At the
same time OS/2 was being developed, Microsoft was busy working
on a new OS, more powerful than the Windows system they already
had. This "New Technology" operating system would run on different
processor platforms. They planned to accomplish this by writing
most of the operating system in the C programming language, which
is a language that is portable across platforms. In late October of
1988, Microsoft hired a man named David Cutler who was a
respected operating systems guru from Digital Equipment
Corporation, to help them design their new operating system. The
original planned name was OS/2 NT because at the time, Microsoft
was helping to develop OS/2 and was integrating parts of it into its
new operating system (NT). After almost two years of work, the first
bits of OS/2 NT ran on an Intel i860 processor. Around the same
time, David Cutler projected to Bill Gates that NT would ship around
March 1991, which turned out be more than two years off the mark.

In early 1990, as teams dedicated to NT were formed within
Microsoft, Bill Gates criticized NT for being "too big, and too slow"
during a review. The decision was eventually made in early 1991 to
base NT's "personality" on Microsoft's current Windows system,
version 3.0, and not OS/2. In o...

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... up
retrieval. Windows NT utilizes SCSI disk drives to implement RAID.

Increased Stability / Robustness over Windows 95/98

More attention was paid to the stability of Windows NT 4.0 when Microsoft was
designing and coding it. It was essential that NT be very stable in order to be a
viable alternative to UNIX as a desktop and server operating system. Windows 95 and
98 are notoriously unstable and not acceptable for very high performance hardware
(multiple processors, Gigs of RAM), and high demand TCP/IP applications, such as
that seen in high volume Internet servers. Blue screens of death are also few and
far between compared to Windows 9x. So in summary, NT 4.0 is much more stable and
reliable than Win9x due to how it was designed and due to its heritage, which is
entirely different from Windows 9x.

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