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Marketing Research 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Sasel Research has developed a research proposal for Epic Developers to investigate the needs and wants when buying inner-city luxury apartments. The information that we collect will determine the advertising strategies that will be employed. Background information must be considered before research design and data collection methods are implemented. We have collected a variety of secondary information including Australian Bureau of Statistics and focusing on recent surveys and reports they have published. This information paved the way to developing our further research methods. We have decided that a questionnaire and focus groups would be the most appropriate method of research when considering our target audiences. The information gathered will allow Epic Developers to create a successful advertising campaign. Limitations within our research have also been addressed and further research has been outlined in our proposal. 2. PROBLEM DEFINITION Sasel Marketing Research has developed a primary research project that utilises a communications approach. We will be directly questioning respondents to obtain data by using a questionnaire. In order to give our recommendations on the best way to promote a new complex, we need to successfully obtain the necessary data. To acquire this data we need to come into direct contact with potential apartment buyers and existing apartment owners to find their perceptions and motivations that drive their behaviours. The communication method has been chosen, as it is fast, versatile, generally inexpensive and allows more control over the data-gathering activities. Our objectives can be met sufficiently through the communication method of collecting primary data. 3. OBJECTIVES The aim and objective of this research project is to determine the factors that interest of potential apartment buyers of units with out a view so as to create an advertisement that will effective advertise the apartment. These findings will assist the organization in their selection of the elements of the ad. So as to communicate more effectively to their target audience. This research project will take into account the different elements of purchasing a new apartment, in the city, which has no views. And will look into the areas that the apartment has to offer, our uniqu... ... middle of paper ... ...dvertisement and the placement of the ads. Post testing—sales figures and questionnaires To measure the success of the campaign after the sales of the apartments, we will measure the effectiveness by looking at the sales figures. This will give us an estimated idea of the effectiveness of the ads. But to confirm the results, a questionnaire will be posted to the buyers to evaluate the results. A questionnaire will also be done via a telephone interview to the participants that were called upon before. This will give us an estimate of what is the awareness of these people. Bibliography: AusStats: Home Ownership and renting [on-line]. (1999). Available WWW: http://www.ab…/ [2001, September 5]. AusStats: Housing motivations and Intentions, Western Australia [on-line]. (1999). Available WWW: http://www.ab…/ [2001, September 21]. AusStats: Special Article – First home Buyers (Year Book Australia, 2000) [on-line]. (2000) Available WWW: http;//www.ab…/ [2001, September 21]. AusStats: Types of Dwellings [on-line]. (1999). Available WWW: http://www.abs…/ [2001 September 21]. Churchill, G.A. (2001). Basic Marketing Research. The Drydon Press: Florida.

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