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Motivational Plan

To-A-Tee Screen-Printing is a local t-shirt manufacturing company located here, in Las Vegas, Nevada. This organization provides t-shirt, sweatshirt, and sports hat solutions primarily to retail businesses. The Auto Grill Corporation recently sold the To-A-Tee print shop to a local sole proprietor. Previously, the print shops’ directives were handed down from the corporate office such as how much profit they had to budget for, the types of designs and styles offered by To-A-Tee, and the company policies and procedures that were written for their main locations, retail shops. In addition, the corporate office utilized the print shop for production for its own retail shops rather than endeavoring to clients outside the company.

With the purchase of To-A-Tee, the new owner has the responsibility of improving the business by pursuing ideas, technologies, and procedures that were missed while belonging to the larger retail chain. This print shop was a very small entity of a very large corporation and its profitability did not warrant the requisition of expensive equipment for the new technologies in screen-printing. To-A-Tee has a diverse workforce who offers a wealth of experience that they bring from other shops, vendor trade shows, and seminars that they have either worked for or attended. Unfortunately, these employees have not been allowed to implement the knowledge and skills they bring because of the strict nature of the corporation’s directives. Generally, these employees are unhappy because the shop never got the attention it deserved from the large corporation.

With this in mind, the new owner and manager must implement a motivational plan to build the employee morale to improve the business of the shop. The first step in this plan is to be a leader to these people rather than having them report to a manager. Providing leadership to the company plays an important role in motivating the employees to provide higher levels of production. Although this is one of the most important impacting factors, it will be the hardest to implement.

The new managers role is to show optimism and determination. Implementing these traits in the managers everyday business will show that the manager herself is willing to work hard to achieve the final goals. The manager must “walk and talk” these traits so that she is believable...

... middle of paper ...

...s. Each department has a lot to offer in order to reduce costs and increase productivity. Moreover, establish groups to increase efficiencies even further. A measurement of the success of the business is the number of shirts that are printed in an hour. For a start, the obvious goal here is to not have to change out jobs as often. Each job requires new screens to be set-up and new ink prepared for the colors of the new design. This can lead to the sales force creating a strategy to go after the large accounts; for example, Casinos that sell or use a high volume of shirts in their gift shops.

The key to creating and keeping momentum from the employees is good leadership. If the new manager consistently exhibits the characteristics essential to a great leader, the employees will begin to trust the leadership and will strive to provide support to this leadership. The new manager must not demonstrate fear or hesitation in decisions to avoid failure or to keep from making mistakes. It is important that once the plan is completely established and implemented, that the leader stay focused on providing the energy, ideas and idea generation, responsiveness, control, and success.

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