Essay on The Reluctant Dragon

Essay on The Reluctant Dragon

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The Reluctant Dragon

GRADE LEVEL: This is a relatively short book and would be good for third or
forth graders or for someone at an intermediate reading level. This packet will be designed for third graders.

SYNOPSIS: The setting of this book takes place in medieval times in a small
English village. It's about a boy, his mother and father, a dragon, a dragon
slayer, and the people of the village. It all begins when the father of the boy
discovers a dragon in a cave in the countryside. The father tells the boy and the
boy proceeds to go and find the dragon. When the boy finds the dragon, he talks
to it. The dragon is timid and doesn't want any trouble from the boy. The boy
became good friends with the dragon and they share stories and poetry with
each other. Word gets back to the village and they begin talking about the
dragon. They spread rumors about the dragon and say that it is a menace and a
scourge. The villagers want to see the dragon destroyed in a fight. They recruit
a dragon slayer from far away named Saint George. Upon the arrival of the
saint, the boy meets up with him and convinces him to visit the dragon. The boy
and the saint meet the dragon and talk with him.

The saint explains that he must defeat the dragon and the dragon asks the saint why he must be defeated. The saint explains that is what the villagers want to see to be appeased by the foe. He says that it is irregular for the dragon to win and it would ...

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