Essay about Parking, a Major Problem on Campus

Essay about Parking, a Major Problem on Campus

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Parking, a Major Problem on Campus

Why do students and their parents pay such a large amount of money to attend the University of Dayton if there is not going to be any place for parking? I am a first year student at the university so I understand that I am not permitted to have my car on campus (Handbook). My boyfriend on the other hand, lives at least a half hour away and comes to visit me several times a week. He arrives and has to drive for a very long time trying to find a place to park where he will not receive a ticket. He has tried to park everywhere we can think of, but it never seems to work out. The first few times he came over public safety/the police department was willing to give out temporary permits for visitors and people staying overnight. They allowed the driver to park in the main parking lot, which is in the middle of campus as long as they were gone by eight or nine in the morning so university workers would have the spaces to park. Public safety decided to do away with temporary permits because it was becoming a hassle for them. So as my boyfriend would still come to visit he had to hunt even harder for a space not knowing whether they would be giving tickets or not. He parked off the university in the neighborhood and received a ticket from the city police for being parked on the street. It seems that no matter where he parks he is going to get a ticket and the prices go up each time he receives one, eventually they will put a boot on his tire so he cannot leave. It costs over one-hundred dollars to get it removed. After a series of tickets the will tow your car and not let the driver back on campus unless all the tickets are paid off.

Finding a parking space that is not against campus violations is ...

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