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Proposal to Save the Environment Essay

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Proposal to Save the Environment

Ever since Ford put out the first main line production car, there has been a market for gasoline. Since then, the automobile has made a humongous impact on the United States, as well as the entire world. This new invention allowed the average citizen to commute to work without the hassle of mass transit and horses. However, with this new supply of automobiles came the demand for the fuel they required to run. It was not known back then that the consumption of these fuels could actually hurt the environment, or even run dry. Today it is commonly known that these fuels aren’t unlimited, or good for the environment. Action must be taken to reduce and eventually eliminate these threats to human existence. That is why I propose to increase the tax on gasoline by one dollar per gallon. The money generated from this taxation would be spent on programs to find an alternative source of energy, stop pollution, and reduce the need for fossil fuels that the earth so heavily depends on.

Man has used fossil fuels for thousands of years. For millions of years they have rested beneath the earths surface, however, recently man has began to consume these fuels at an incredible rate. The rates are so high that many experts say the earth’s fossil fuel supply will run out in the next century unless alternative forms of energy can be found. Currently one of the most consumed fossil fuels is oil, which in a refined state provides power to a majority of the cars, buses, and planes used every day on this planet. (#1) The consumption of oil is increasing every year, and the earth’s oil reserves are becoming less. With the danger of depleting the planet’s oil supplies, humanity must keep searching fo...

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...states where you may find wind turbines, but there are also others were you wouldn’t find them. This is why I would invest more money into the alternative energy sources than alternative fuels.

Alternative energy is the future for our nation as well as the earth. By taxing each gallon of gas by a dollar and investing the money into development of my programs would help protect the environment while still supplying the United States energy needs. If you think about it, isn’t it worth one more dollar per gallon to help preserve the earth?

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